Levo-CCTV combine years of practical engineering experience with the latest networking techniques to provide Web enabled CCTV systems accessible from smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Xmas is peak season for the criminals as they know that lots of valuables are collected together for redistribution on Xmas day and there is nothing that they would like better than redistributing them down the pub for a fraction of their worth. Even the criminals that are feeding a habit are not completely stupid and would prefer not to be caught on cam or set off an alert on someones phone meaning they were caught in the act. So why not consider a system that will be there for years to come with many many benefits besides deterring the Xmas burglary which over a typical system life of a five year period works out at less than 30 pence per day and will have probably paid for itself many times over before then.

Why rely on expensive alarm systems with remote monitoring stations costing significantly more on an ongoing basis when you can take control yourself with an intelligent CCTV system with easiily set up motion detection feeding in to "push notification" instantly alerting your smart phone. When the notification comes through simply look at the scene presented from your camera that has sent the alert and decide whether the intrusion is friend or foe before taking the appropriate action.

What's more you are helping make your neighbourhood safer, detering miscreants from venturing your way and you will find that your local police authority will be pleased to see the addition as they know there is a possibility that you may wish to help them from time to time by providing key footage. As a private individual it is acceptable for your camera to stray on public areas providing you are not being intrusive to neighbours by spying on their private areas.

Prices have plummeted for complete systems as the hardware has become subject to mass production by big brand names like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic who are driving the quality of images towards the same picture quality that you expect on your TV.

What is more the DVRs are now relatively small units backed up by powerful integrated hard drives so do not look out of place alongside your other boxes next to your TV which inevitably will have compatible input ports to take the video feed from the CCTV DVR whether by HDMI or VGA and recovering important video clips from the DVR is as simple as downloading it onto a memory stick. So it is no surprise that people are seeing CCTV as an effective way of keeping an eye on your car, preventing break ins or providing a record of patterns of activity.