The choice of camera is a key part of selecting the right CCTV system.

Our experience allows us to recommend the right camera for your application and the following illustrates the effects of different lenses in any given camera.


As well as the choice of lens the next consideration is choice of camera resolution expressed in how many pixels of information the camera provides and currently we do not install any less than 2Mp (Million Pixels) which is compatible with a high resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel screen. The latest technology now provides for 4 Mpixel and 6 Mpixel cameras which means that when zoomed the image retains its resolution on the 1080P screen. This is important when looking to record items of detail like car number plates.

However, there is a price to pay in that the higher the resolution of the camera the more space is taken on the Hard Drive of the recorder for any given frames per second record. This means that the minimum Hard Drive we install at current resolutions is 1 Terrabyte and may go as high as 12 Terrabyte which has become the major cost constituent of the recorder. When planning a CCTV system one of the key factors is how long you wish to record for before the oldest record is overwritten which combined with number of cameras, resolution of cameras, recording speed in frames per second dictates the size of Hard Drive.