By far the most appropriate and popular Camera used for our domestic installations is the eyeball Dome camera. The compact size and intrinsic robust design makes it ideal where a camera need to be inobtrusive, vandal proof and weatherproof. A further subtle benefit is that it is not as easy to judge where a camera is actually pointing which can be unnerving for a potential intruder.

Because we prefer to operate with a policy of zero stock for the major items, it is usual for us to procure the cameras with the appropriate lens for the job in hand, but if there is a late change of requirements leading to a change of lens then we do carry stock of the main lenses so that we can fit and refocus an alternative lens. This way of operation allows us to be the most competitive whilst meeting the exact needs of the project in hand. However, if the client feels that at some future time the CCTV may be relocated to other premises then we may recommend the installation of cameras with vari focal lenses to accomodate the new conditions the camera may be subjected to.

Our policy with Domestic cameras is than we will not fit a camera with less than a 1/3" CCD and a TVL (Television lines resolution) less than 600 and as time progresses this lower limit is likely to be increased to 700 or more due to improvements in technology.