Services Overview

CCTV Installation

Levo-CCTV are a company that are registered with Companies House as a Private Limited Company, a step we took right at the start as a demonstration of our intent to become an established reliable organisation, not a here today gone tomorrow one. With CCTV prices continually falling whilst becoming more reliable, more features, higher definition and more readily understood by clients, then small installations are no longer of interest to the major companies providing opportunities for small lean companies like ourselves.  

CCTV Networking

Our management team are fortunate to have on board a Cisco qualified networking engineer which means that we are always able to resolve any networking problem associated with Web Connectivity from your Digital CCTV DVR.

CCTV Set up Expertise

Levo have the knowledge and experience to assess a potential installation and recommend the most effective set up both in terms of cost and being able to fulfill the requirements of the brief.


There are four main stages to a Levo-CCTV installation which may be itemised in more detail as follows :-
  • Site Survey - At this stage we visit the client and look at the problem that the client is trying to solve. Sometimes the client has a very clear idea of exactly what he wants right down to positioning of every camera, range and viewing angle of every camera and proposed position of DVR. At this stage we would be suggesting possible better solutions if applicable and informing the client of essential pre requisites like a static IP address on his broadband hub (Some providers like BT charge for this as a significant extra, whilst others like Plusnet have a one of initial fee). We would then agree physical locations and requirements in detail and determine whether the client would be hooking up to his own TV / Monitor or would want one providing (The vast majority of clients these days wish to hook up to their own device). In essence we would have now collected sufficient data to proceed to the next phase.
  • Quotation - Having noted all the details at survey it only remains to cost out the project in detail so that we can confirm the required investment amount to the client. At this point we are not VAT registered which is usually a significant saving to the client particularly if it is a domestic installation. The quotation is always provided in writing to the client whether it be by post email or sometimes even by text message giving the total investment amount with a breakdown of the quality of components to be provided so that the client may compare like with like against any other quote. At this stage we would also confirm a lead time and estimated time required to complete the installation.
  • Preparation - Having received confirmation that the client wishes to proceed on the basis of the quotation provided we would then procure all the components required ensuring that the items arrive before the installation date. A kit of parts would then be prepared relative to the job, having first ensured that all the purchased parts are in good working order. A final check with the client is then made to confirm exact start time and date for the installation.
  • Installation - On the agreed date at the agreed time our installation team would commence the work at the clients premises. Depending on the job there will usually be two technicians attending or for a straight forward installation one may suffice. All cameras are fitted in the designated places and checked with our portable small screen monitors before routing the cables through to the DVR and connecting system in full. Finally when all is in full working order the DVR is connected to the clients broadband hub and configured for internet access. On completion and final verification that all is installed as required, payment is normally expected in full.

How it works




Both as a project and as a company we respect the age old adage "Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail"

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